Archive of Emails to coaches

****MICRO AGE GROUP****---------------sent 4/2/2022---------------------------------------------------

K/1st Coaches,

Good luck today at your first games of spring. Hopefully everyone was able to get a good practice in this week to meet all of the kids and parents. We know it is tough starting a season with only one practice, but just go out with the mindset of having fun and the kids will have a blast. I will get the remaining schedule out by tomorrow.

A few reminders...

Game rules are available on the Micros page: Game Rules

Build out line - when a team has a goal kick, the opposing team should pull their team back to approximately midfield to allow the first pass.

Please keep the spectators off of the 11v11 playing field. We can't have specator chairs on the playing field area. They can be on the outside of the large field.

Turf is fast and the ball will likely roll out of bounds more often than grass unfortunately. A couple coaches asked if they can have a couple parents to help chase down the soccer ball. That is totally acceptable.

We are packing in up to 6 games per hour. Make sure to set up in your designated field location area leaving enough space for other teams. There should be plenty of space.

We have to be off of the fields by 430 as there are other programs that have it reserved starting at that time.

Thank you again for coaching. I will not be able to be out on the fields today, but if you need to reach me, calll me on my cell.

Good luck!




****MICRO AGE GROUP****---------------sent 3/27/2022---------------------------------------------------

Parents and Coaches,

We are excited to kick off the spring soccer season for our Micros (K and 1st grade) program this week with practices and our first games on Saturday, April 2nd.  Hopefully everyone has received a communication from their coach about the first practice this week.  Here a few things we want to communicate out as we prepare for the upcoming season.

We have posted the first 3 weeks of the K/1st grade schedule on the website and will post the remaining game schedule by the end of the week.  Click Here for the schedule that is posted on the Westside Soccer Club | Spring page.

There is also a game guide on the website that has the Game Rules, Parent/Coach Conduct and Field Setup for K/1st. The guide lists the field layout, where parents and players should be set up, game rules and coach/parent conduct information.  It is important to remember that this is a learning environment for the kids and them having fun in their experience is most important. It takes years to develop into anything that resembles organized soccer so have patience with them and encourage them in all the little things they do to help their team.

We are playing all of our spring games on the Conestoga Middle School turf field located on the east end of the school. No spectator chairs are allowed on the playing field so we are asking parents to remain on the sides of the fields to watch the kids play.

All games will be 4v4 playing 2-20 minute halves with a quick mid-half water break. Even though our Kinder games are played using just half of the U8 fields, we do allow our 1st grade games to use the entire field.

Coaches are picking up uniforms (shirts and socks) to distribute to the players this week before the first games. We do have a few “supersized” teams that we are waiting on some shirts to arrive by end of week.

Any questions don’t hesitate to let us know.

Marcus Monnie - Micro Coordinator


Andy Oldenburg – 1st  Girls Age Group Coordinator

Aaron Sarver – 1st  Boys Age Group Coordinator


----------------------------sent 3/16/2022 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Spring Coaches --

Thanks again for volunteering to coach this spring!  We will be holding a Coaches Meeting TONIGHT (Wednesday, March 16) at 7 pm to make sure you have all the information and resources you will need this season.  To attend the meeting, use this Zoom link.

Coaches who have completed all registration steps (including concussion, SafeSport, and background checks) should have received roster information so they can reach out to their team with an introductory e-mail.  If you have not received roster information, please check your e-mail spam folder for an e-mail from "" within the last week.  If roster information is still missing, please let me know.

I hope to see you tonight.

Mike Amos

Westside Soccer Club, Head Coach


****MICRO AGE GROUP****---------------sent 3/15/2022---------------------------------------------------

Westside Micro (K and 1st grades) Soccer Parents/Coaches/Volunteers,

    The Westside Spring 2022 Micro (K and 1st Grade) Soccer season is coming up fast. We are always excited to see all the kids out on the fields playing soccer!  We are finalizing the team formation and here is some important information about the upcoming season so you are prepared once the practices begin the week of March 28th.  Also, there are several teams still needing coaches and we are always looking for more volunteers to coach. If you are considering coaching your child’s team please let us know. We are having a Coaches Meeting tomorrow at 7pm for those that are interested in coaching and would like more information. Go to Westside Soccer Club | Coaches Information for the meeting information including  the Zoom link.

Important Dates:

· March 16 Coaches Meeting at 7pm

· March 28 - Spring Practices start for Micros

· April 2 - Games start (7 game season)

· May 20 - Last Spring Practices for Micros

· May 21 - Last Spring games

Spring Format

1 practice per week (coach will communicate day/time/location)

Games are on Saturday afternoons (~1pm to 5pm start times)

Game location is Conestoga Middle School for all games

4v4 on one field (2 – 20 min halves with a quarter break)

 Equipment provided by parents (be prepared at the first practice with the following):

Size 3 soccer ball

Shin guards

Soccer cleats (no baseball, football shoes allowed)

Soccer shorts

Soccer socks for practices (must be worn over shin guards)

Equipment provided by Westside

Player’s soccer shirt/jersey for games (will be distributed to coaches for first practice)

Coach equipment for games/practices including Pugg goals, balls, cones, pennies

Please let us know if you have any questions about the upcoming season or the Micro Soccer program.

Marcus Monnie

Westside Soccer

Micro Coordinator/Kindergarten Age Group Coordinator


----------------------------sent 3/11/2022 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Spring coaches --

Thank you again for volunteering to coach this spring.  Team rosters have been released to many coaches on our registration website, Demosphere.  The remaining rosters will be released in the next few days. 

Early feedback from coaches who have accessed their rosters in Demosphere is that there are significant challenges gathering parent contact information and/or emailing them.  The Demosphere website has been updated since last season and these are among the functions that have been impacted.  We are working with the Demosphere team to fix these issues, but it will take some time.

Email capability is available through the Demosphere App, although some people have reported trouble with that as well.  You can also post to the "team wall" in the app, but those messages will only go to people who have installed the app.  Please encourage all your parents to install the app on their phone so you can use these features.

So that coaches have the information they need to communicate with their teams right now, we will be sending out roster contact information to all coaches for their team(s).  Contact information will include names of all players on the roster as well as names, e-mails, and phone numbers of all team parents.  This information should make reaching out to your team with an e-mail introduction much easier.  As the season progresses you might continue using email to communicate with families, or you might prefer to transition to the "message wall" capabilities within the Demosphere mobile app.

Please look for an e-mail with your team roster information very soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or bring them to the Coaches Meeting on Wednesday at 7 pm.


Mike Amos

Westside Soccer Club, Head Coach

---------------------------- sent 3/7/2022 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Spring coaches --

Thank you very much for volunteering to coach this spring, we are looking forward to a great season.  Here is some information you need to know.

Coaches meeting will be held on Wednesday March 16 at 7 pm over Zoom.  The Zoom link will be posted the day of the meeting on the Westside Soccer Club | Coaches Information website here.  Please attend since we will be covering important information for the spring season. A copy of the presentation, which has links to many useful coaching resources, will be posted to the WSC website after the meeting.

Practices start the week of Monday March 28.  An email for practice time and location will go out shortly.  Please reply to that email to give a preference for your practice time and location.

Games start on Saturday April 2.  Game schedules will be released 1-2 weeks before the start of the season.

Team Rosters (for G2-G8) have now been released to coaches.  I recommend using the Demosphere Mobile App to view your roster and send your team an introductory e-mail.  A template with suggestions for this parent e-mail is available on the WSC website as a reference.  You can also log in to the MyDemosphere website to view information about your team, but the app is currently much easier to use for communications and scheduling.

Equipment bags can be picked up on March 12th from noon-2 pm at the WSC office - 8231 SW Cirrus Dr, Bldg 16, Beaverton, OR, 97008.

COVID policies for the spring season will generally follow the procedures set by the Beaverton School District and OYSA.  Face coverings are not required, but individuals may wear a face covering if they choose to.   See the WSC website at for the most up-to-date COVID guidelines.

Thanks very much and let me know if questions.

Mike Amos, WSC Head Coach


---------------------------- sent 9/23/2021 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

WSC coaches --

Team pictures are coming up! 

Micro teams (Kindy and 1st grade) will have their pictures at Fir Grove on Saturday 10/2.  

Grade2 - High School teams will have pictures either on Saturday 10/2 from 9-11 am at Conestoga MS, or on Saturday 10/9 from 9 am to 4 pm at Conestoga MS.  The picture location will be near the grass field on the West side of the school.  (Possibly in the covered playground if the weather is bad)

We are  doing several things differently this year:

#1 -- You will not be assigned a time.  Instead, you will get an email directly from NW sports photography directing you to a sign up on their website.  Sign up for a time that works well for your team.

#2 -- No paper packets will be distributed in advance.  I don't know for sure yet, but I think the email from NW sports photography will direct you to choices on their website or tell you how to print an order form.  More to come on this subject.

#3 -- No traditional team picture.  Only individual pictures will be taken.  The individual pictures will then be put on a sheet together to create a "collage" team picture.  

That's it for now.  Head coaches, please sign up for a time after you get the email from NWSP.  Once you have a time, please pass all relevant information on to your families.

Thanks. -- Karl


 --------------------------- sent 9/10/2021 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A few extra notes for WSC coaches:

- Be neighbor courteous:  Do not block driveways and mailboxes.  Stay off residential properties and areas. 

- THPRD Fields. Use the lock combo, 6330 for locked port-a-potties, and please lock back up after leaving the field.  

- THPRD Fields. Call Park Patrol @ 971-246-0169 for assistance with field jumpers and lights.  

Remember, these games are recreational.  The other teams are not the enemy but a group of kids out doing the same thing as your team.  Be friendly, talk to the coaches, introduce yourself to the referee, and make sure everyone has fun. 

Good Luck this weekend and remember to have fun with the kids.  

Thanks. -- Karl Meyer


------------------------------------ sent 8/27/2021 ----------------------------------------------------------------

WSC coaches and board members --  As a thank you for coaching or being on the board, you are entitled to chose any one of the available items:

Westside Soccer Scarf

Black Polo 

Red Polo 

Blue Polo

Long Sleeve dri-fit Shirt (mostly gray, a couple in blue)

Blue full zip hoodie sweatshirt

Click this link to see what they look like and the quantities available.  There are only a couple blue polos at this time, but there might be more coming.

Here's the process:

1. Reply to this email and tell me what you want.  If one coach can do a bulk order for all the coaches on their team, that would be great.  Individual orders are OK too.

Tell me your name, the item you want, and the size.  Make sure to specify women's or men's size if both are available.

2. I will label the item(s), put in a bin on my front porch, and notify you when it is ready.  Address is 10355 SW 141st Ave.

3. You pick up at your convenience.  Do not knock or ring, just pick up.

4. If you find that you need a different size, just let me know and we can work it out.

Thanks for volunteering with Westside Soccer. -- Karl


----------------------------------------------- sent 9/26/2021 --------------------------------------------------

WSC coaches --

Please read the note below from the league president about the current referee shortage.  Most important point is that for league games (Grade 2 - High School), only Licensed Referees and Registered coaches may act as the referee for a game.  Parent volunteers that are not registered with OYSA may not serve as a game referee.

Thanks and let me know if any questions. -- Karl Meyer

Good Morning,

We are aware of the referee shortage we are facing at our games.

Here is guidance on how to manage the games when no referee is available.  

** I review this with Keith as my personal referee mentor.

First, Referee Schedulers - We all need to staff games based on the following priorities

1.Center Referee need to be prioritized based on:

A. HS Coed Rec Soccer Games

B. G7-G8 Games

C. G5-G6 Games

D. G4 Games

E. G3 Games

F. G2 Games.

2. At the point of covering G5-G6 up, AR can be made available based on this prioritizes.

A. HS Coed Rec Soccer Games

B. G7-G8 Games

C. G5-G6 Games

I know this will be hard but we much cover games at the Center at least through G5-6 games before move to the other positions.

Second, Clubs - All Coaches need to be make aware that any of there games may not have a Center Referee or ARs for G5-6 up.

The Coaches need to work out between themselves how to handle the game and report results to the Referee Coordinator in their area (where the home field is).

No volunteer parents nor family members can take the field to help unless these are registered with OYSA as a Coach or Players (must be older than the team playing to be Center).

** This is a insurance and liability issue.  Don’t put your club in this position if some gets hurt.  Lawyers love this.

The best way to handle this is each team provide one of their coaches to work half the game each or do the game as a dual Center*.

* Dual Referee is 2 coaches working opposite sides of the field from each other and diagonal to each other on the field

* Not perfect but both teams are now responsible for running the game.

Whoever takes the field now must be neutral to either team and be unbiased to be fair to both teams.  This means not talking to their players as if they are their coach or family member. 

* Maybe while having to act as a Referee, the Coach or Player will understand what it is like to be that person.

Third, No one is going to like this.  Sorry but we have to do something to get us through the season.  

We need referee and the pay is good.  I would send this to every one in your club 13 and older -

Maybe as more of our players/coaches become referees, more of the coaches and parents will have a better understanding of the game thus respecting others.  It is a good thing to hope for.

Bill Kanable
President, THJSL


----------------------------------------------- sent 7/15/2021 ---------------------------------------------------

WSC coaches for Fall 2021 --

Thank you for volunteering to coach rec soccer this fall.  Please complete your coaching registration as soon as you can!

Here are a few important dates for you to put on your calendar.

Aug 4 -- Coaches meeting at 7 pm at Fir Grove Elementary.  This will be an in-person, outdoor meeting.  We will cover all the relevant information for coaching this fall and I promise I won't spend the whole time talking about covid protocols.  We'll actually talk about coaching soccer this time.

Aug 7 -- Coaches training at Conestoga MS 9am to 1pm.  The Aug 7 training will be run by Mike Smith and crew from Portland Timbers/Thorns with the schedule as:

9:00-10:00am    PCA Clinic (soccer specific on field)

10:15-11:15am Age group training (3 groups: U6-8, U9-12, U13+)

11:30-12:30pm Goalkeeper training

Aug 25 -- - Coaches training at Highland Park MS 5:30-6:30pm and 7-8pm

The Aug 25 training will be Play-Practice-Play run by Nelson Larson during the teams training at Highland Park MS with the schedule as:

- 5:30-6:30pm 4v4/7v7

- 7-8pm 9v9/11/11

We would like as many coaches as possible to attend one of the training sessions.  Going to both is OK too.  I'll send another email a few days before each training as a reminder.  Thanks!

Karl Meyer


-------------------- sent 4/4/2021 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

WSC coaches --

Here is some information about how things are going so far.

COVID health checks:  100% filled out and sent in for practices.  Thank you.  For the Saturday 4/3 games, so far I have received 26 out of 42.  By using the health check form, a coach identified 1 player this week who was not feeling well and that player was not allowed to practice.  It's critical that we keep sick people away from soccer so that's a huge deal.

Please make sure that your health check form always indicates who the COVID monitor is.

COVID monitors:  As far as I can tell, we had a COVID monitor at every practice and every game.  A small percentage of the games had a referee as COVID monitor, but most were parents or assistant coaches.  Based on my observations, some of the parent/coach monitors did an excellent job and some did a not quite as excellent of a job.  For this role, we need people who will actively patrol the area around the field and are not afraid to be assertive and tell other people that they need to follow the masking and distancing rules.  Remember that the COVID monitor is not the "bad guy."  You are simply enforcing THPRD rules so our league can be successful.

Please make sure you have reliable, assertive COVID monitors lined up for every practice and every game.  It's looking like parents and assistant coaches will primarily fill this role.

The question has come up if we need COVID monitors from both teams at a game.  My answer is that we need a minimum of 1 COVID monitor at the field, but I think it is better if there is one from each team.

Practices:  All teams are now assigned a practice field and all teams should be practicing this week now that the GK and G1 teams are all starting.  Practice fields are shared with another team, so please use only half of the field.

Games:  There were some issues with field preparation, but all the games were able to be played.  We are following up with THPRD to make sure all the fields are properly prepared for next week.

Spectator Policy:  There will be a separate email sent later this week with an update to the spectator policy.  What will not change is that everyone at a practice or game needs to wear a face covering and maintain distance from people outside their household. 

That's it.  Have fun with soccer and let me know if any questions. 

Karl Meyer

WSC president


-------------------- sent 4/2/2021---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Westside coaches --

G2-G8 games start on Saturday 4/3.  Here are a few important pieces of information prior to the first game.

1. COVID safety is everyone's #1 priority.  We have been doing a good job so far this week in practices, let's keep it up.

  • Everyone wear face coverings at all times
  • Keep people spaced apart when not playing soccer
  • Follow the no spectator policy.  Parents must stay at their car.
  • Fill out the health check form and email to  Please make sure to include the name of the covid monitor.  That name was not included in many of the forms from practice.
  • Please NO team post-game snacks

2. COVID monitors -- If we do not have a COVID Monitor then the game cannot be played . A few games will have a referee that will act as COVID monitor.  Most will not.  If you do not have a referee COVID monitor, then proceed as follows.

  • Find a parent volunteer to be a COVID Monitor for the game. Preferably you have a parent who has already done this task at practice.  Please send email to your parents today and arrange ahead of time for a parent COVID monitor if needed.
  • If a parent cannot be found, then one of the coaches will take over the COVID Monitor responsibilities.  If a coach is covid monitor, they must be released from all coaching responsibilities.  You cannot be both a coach and a COVID monitor.
  • If no parent or coach is willing, then the game referee becomes the COVID monitor. One of the coaches will have to be the referee for the game.  (For 2nd grade games, there is no assigned game referee, so this option does not exist.)

As always, please be very respectful of referees.  Just like the players haven't played soccer in more than a year, many of the referees are new or have not refereed in more than a year.  

That's it.  If you have any issues, please use the emergency phone numbers on the COVID monitor sheet.

Karl Meyer

President, WSC


-------------------- sent 3/7/2021 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Westside Soccer Coaches --

First of all, thank you for volunteering to coach this spring.  We could not run the club without you.

We will be having the coaches meeting for the spring season on Thursday, March 18 at 7 pm.  The meeting will be held over Zoom.  The agenda and a zoom link will be sent out a couple days before the meeting.  Please put it on your calendar.

Please attend this meeting.  We will spend most of our time discussing the health and safety precautions for the season.  We must execute our safety plan cleanly or we risk THPRD shutting down our season.

Hope to see you on the 18th and let me know if any questions.  -- Karl