Fall 2nd-8th Recreational Soccer

Please note, all information provided is general, specific information is not available until teams are formed and fields are assigned:

  • How often do they practice: Twice per week: either Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs, this will depend on the volunteer coach's schedule (placement requests based on practice day are NOT guaranteed as teams are formed before practice days are scheduled).
  • What time: 5-6:30 or 6:30-8:00, this will depend on our volunteer coach's schedules and requests. Practice times do adjust due to earlier sunsets beginning in September. (Placement requests based on practice time are NOT guaranteed as teams are formed before practice times are scheduled).
  • Where: Practices are held in the South Beaverton area. Fields are assigned through THPRD (placement request based on practice location are NOT guaranteed as teams are formed before practice locations are scheduled).
  • Begins: Practice begins in August; games will begin in September and continue through late October/early November (see info under GAMES below).
  • When will the coach contact me: Coaches will contact players approximately ONE week before practice begins. If you have not heard from a coach/age group coordinator by the second week in August, please contact the office so that we can address any issues.

Due to the possibility of extreme weather conditions, practices/games may be postponed/cancelled. No guarantee that practices/games will be made up. Extreme weather conditions are a risk for outdoor sports programs and can happen anytime of year.


Games will be on Saturdays, beginning September through the end of October/early November, there may be a possible mid week game for the older age group. Times for the games will be held between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The older age groups may have games outside the Beaverton area, as we do have teams from other areas that are now participating in the THJSL league. This provides teams the opportunity to play games against other clubs outside the Beaverton area.

A new uniform is required for all NEW players 2nd-8th grade. Uniforms may be purchased at Tursi's Soccer, 8805 SW Canyon Ln, Beaverton, OR.

What your player(s) need to bring to EVERY practice:

  • Soccer Ball: Size 3 for K-2nd grade; Size 4 for 3rd-6th grade; Size 5 for 7th-8th & High School
  • Shin Guards
  • Soccer Cleats (cannot be baseball/softball/football cleats)